Feasibility Study of Packaging Management Institutions for the Islamic Republic of Iran

Dr. Roohallah Noori



There is Gap between the layers of government and firms of the packaging industry in Iran. Also, Iran has no activity in the international network of packaging industry. There is ambiguity in the main activities associated with policy making, management and monitoring of the packaging industry, institutions, and organizations related to these activities and mechanism of communication and interaction among them. This ambiguity and lack of integrity can be eliminated through a rigorous non-governmental organization or association such as the chamber or federation of packaging industry. The institution is also observed in the other countries and its role is managing and leading of integrated and diversified sectors and different layers of packaging industry. The proposed structure is the non-governmental and private institution and will be the packaging Chamber of I. R. of Iran.


Chamber, Organization, management, packaging industry, Iran, Technology Center.

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