An Investigation of the status of Iranian iron ore mine market and the performance of regulatory institutions

This report identifies the institutions overlooking iron ore mining and studies the structure of iron ore market in Iran. To this end, public and private institutions in charge of the industry since the beginning of the formation of iron ore mines in the country were investigated, and then the structure of supply-side iron ore market, as well as that of large iron ore extraction complexes of the country were investigated, using both documentary and field study methodologies (e.g. interview with experts in the field of mining industries). The results of the study showed that “Golgohar” and “Chadormalu” Mining and Industrial Companies with respectively 33 and 30 percent shares in total iron ore production of the country, play decisive roles in iron ore-related policy orientations. The final part of the report also addresses the role of interconnected management in the country's iron ore industry. A survey of the network of shareholders of various iron ore and steel companies revealed the following facts: 1. networking of Management in steel manufacturing and iron ore firms; 2. non-specialization of the major stockholders of iron ore companies; and 3. direct and indirect influence of the government on major decisions of iron ore companies through the network of shareholders.

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