Observations on Investment in Development of Export Industries

This report, building upon several indices including the share of export earnings in sales value (as a substitute variable for the degree of reliance of industrial activities on export markets), comparison of the importance of each industrial activity in terms of its share in industrial production, as well as in industrial exports (terms of trade of the value of industrial products in terms of domestic and export prices), the share of imported raw materials in the output value of the field of industrial activity concerned, the share of imported raw materials in the total raw materials, the ratio of average value of inputs to that of output (as the variables determining how dependent the field of activity is on raw materials, and how endogenous its growth is in terms of dependence on imports of raw materials) and the share of industrial activities in investment projects (as an indicator of the shift of supply of industrial activities in the future), provides a ranking for prioritization of industrial activities for investment.

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