An Investigation of the status of competition in the steel industry in Iran and the performance of regulatory institutions

The steel industry is one of the most important and fundamental industries in the world. Due to a large number of forwarding and backward linkages of the industry with other sectors of the economy, it is considered as a leading and key industry, in such a way that the amount of per capita steel production and consumption is considered as one of the indicators of the development and advancement of countries. The presence of the steel industry in a region has an important impact on the development, culture, knowledge, employment, research, education, and trade in that region. Also, the steel industry plays an important role in the construction, reconstruction, and development of the countries, including Iran. Iran is no exception to this, and in order to develop its various economic sectors, has inevitably had to develop its steel industry. On the other hand, due to the availability of energy and mineral resources in Iran, the industry is easy to develop in the country. However, it is worth noting that water scarcity, declining capacity of open pit deposits, increased investment risk, and other problems caused by economic sanctions are all factors that reduce the incentives for the development of steel industry.

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