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The international affairs department of ITSR strives to facilitate the relation between institute’s research centers and affiliated companies with regional and international entities for research, consulting and training purposes in the fields of industrial and trade policy. In pursuing this goal, the international affairs department has established a four-pronged strategy: 

  1. Network Building: Developing formal relationships with international organizations, foreign development agencies, business communities and consulting firms that can grow into mutually beneficial relations in the long term.
  2. Capacity Building: Coordinating existing processes and products of ITSR’s  research centers and affiliated companies with its international orientation; revising priorities and recommending working topics.
  3. Knowledge Transfer: Establishing gateways for bilateral knowledge exchange; providing formal training opportunities and creating learning platforms. 
  4. Growing Contribution Base: Capturing the untapped potential of academic and professionals interested in working on regional or national industrial and trade policy issues. 

The IA department’s first priority is to create a strong working network of research institutes, international consulting agencies and international development agencies which operate on the basis of mutual dependence. Through this network, ITSR is determined to disseminate its findings on regional and national industrial and trade policy issues and coordinate in implementing policy programs.  
Moreover, after years of isolation from contemporary knowledge trends, upgrading the national knowledge pool in different sectors and topics, is a necessity and ranks high among ITSR’s priorities. Simultaneously, there is a strong demand from the international community to better understand the Iranian economy and its policy making intricacies. Thus, addressing the issue of data-scarcity provides a strong foundation for bilateral knowledge sharing initiatives. Furthermore, leveraging the huge potential of professionals and academics interested in Iran and issues of trade and industrial policy offers an opportunity to broaden our research base and provides an organic structure which is continuously spot-checking to make sure that the right knowledge is being captured and shared. 
The International Affairs department commits itself to excellence in executing these strategies and welcomes any contributions from entities and individuals that are interested in working with ITSR or Iranian trade and industrial policy issues. 

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