Studying the problems of National Trade Single Window and devising solutions for them

The National Trade Single Window was officially launched by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in 2016, in accordance with Article (5) of the Law on Combating Commodity and Currency Smuggling, in order to monitor domestic and foreign trade processes. Since then, commendable efforts and actions have been taken by the executive bodies, headed by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, to complete and establish this system. Given the status and importance of this system, its implementation in the form of priority e-government programs is on the agenda. However, due to the wide dimensions of the plan, the multiplicity of devices involved and the need to coordinate various issues, the realization of this system is still far from the goals set. This report has been compiled with the aim of identifying the existing problems and obstacles on the way to fully operationalizing of the system. For this purpose, the existing problems were identified and classified by studying the available documents and conducting extensive interviews with the executive bodies involved and the users of the system. Finally, the proposed solutions to the problems were devised.



National Trade Single Window, Problems, Combating Smuggling

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