Designing the Inter-agency Coordination Mechanism for Trade and Transport

Elnaz Miandoabchi

Foreign Trade is among the fundamental elements of a country’s economy. One of government responsibilities in this respect is to provide the conditions for fast, efficient and costly trade transactions. The efficiency of a trade transaction depends on various factors which contribute to the exchange of goods, information and money. These factors comprise a wide spectrum of policies, regulations, services such as transportation and logistics, insurance, banking, telecommunications, customs, and the related infrastructures. The wide range of measures taken by the government to improve the function of these factors is called international trade and transport facilitation. As there are numerous public and private institutions having an impact on the efficiency of commercial transactions, trade and transport facilitation requires interaction among all relevant stakeholders in both public and private sectors, which will eventually lead to coordination among them. In this regard, this research was aimed at designing and modifying the trade and transport facilitation related inter-institutional coordination mechanism, including inter among others, allocation of functions and responsibilities to the relevant stakeholders, as well as the determination of a set of coordinating mechanisms (e.g. councils, committees, etc.).
The research consists of four phases. The first phase includes the literature review and a summary of international organizations’ recommendations and country experiences in this field. In the second phase, the current status of the coordination mechanism is identified. In the third and fourth phases, the allocation of the functions and responsibilities of the stakeholders and the design and structure of the coordinating mechanisms are determined. Finally, the outputs of the research are presented in the form of draft legal documents and bills relating to the proposed designs and modifications. 


International Trade and Transport Facilitation, Inter-agency Coordination, Import, Export, Transit.

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