Documentary Studies of the Sixth Development Plan with an emphasis on assessing the performance of industry, mining and trade sectors

 Rezvan Aghamirzaee

One of the principles of programming in any system is designing programs based on the objectives envisaged in the system. In economic planning, the success of economic policies depends on full coordination among commercial, industrial, monetary, fiscal and foreign exchange policies and objectives.
As the Government is soon going to start formulating the Sixth Development Plan, and due to the dramatic changes that the world economy witnessed in the past decade and also in order to help policy makers develop an effective and efficient plan, appropriate to current developments, this research, having reviewed development theories and strategies and the way they must be utilized in development plans, as well as planning methods employed in  developing countries with significant achievements in recent decades, endeavored to propose a number of basic policies in line with the fundamental objectives of the Sixth development Plan.
The results of this study indicate that identifying the leading sectors of the economy and guiding domestic and foreign investment flows into these sectors in order to develop exports of their output, can make a greatly contribute to the country's industrial development. Paving the ground for a more effective presence of private sector in the development process is also of great relevance for the attainment of industrial development objectives. In addition to the fundamental measures that have to be adopted for industrial development, such economic requirements as reducing inflation and poverty, job creation and development of human resources play an important role in the success of the development plans.


 private sector, Sixth Development Plan

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