Formulating Guidelines for the Promotion of Exports in Halal Food to the Global Market

 Bita Norouzi


One of the main results of this study, along with devising a scientific framework for formulating the guidelines for promoting halal food exports of Iran, is to provide some strategies and plans for growth processes in Iranian halal food exports. They are manifested to guide exporters of Iranian halal food in three fields: promoting Production, promoting exports, and targeting markets. Since designing well targeted strategies for halal food export promotion in Iran is among the goals of this study, focusing on export promotion and target markets, it seeks to design and formulate the future vision of the industry, setting the goals for Iranian halal food export promotion, and finally preparing a draft guideline for halal food exports in line with the 2025 Vision of the I.R. Iran.                                                                                 


export guidelines, Halal food industries.                                                                                                               

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