Business development models in Iranian manufacturing: case studies of home appliances and chemical industries

Among the strategic objectives pursued by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mine is promoting management knowledge in order to support the industrial development process of the country. Identification, documentation and promotion of business models in various industries, and promotion of management knowledge through the development of the industrial culture are among the administrative policies related to this strategy. Focusing  on the characteristics of enterprises in the field of industry, mining and trade from the perspective of property development, improvement of organizational structuring, financing, and ways of relating with other enterprises, as well as on their other key characteristics can entail important lessons for policy makers, so as to expedite the promotion of efficient and competitive models and to restrict the inefficient and rent-seeking ones, through adopting appropriate policies.

This study seeks to identify the characteristics of local development models of Iranian enterprises in household appliances and chemical products industries, and to use these characteristics in formulating industrial strategies and policies. Three enterprises in detergent industry, and two in household appliances industry were interviewed. The results of interviews and investigations on business models of selected enterprises in four areas of production, marketing, organizational capabilities and technological capabilities have been presented as business models for Iranian enterprises.

Since studying the characteristics of Iranian firms in the area of home appliances and chemical products, and determining their distance with global leaders at the international level can provide us with appropriate models for the development and growth of Iranian enterprises, Part 4 of the study focuses on comparing business models for enterprises in Iran and developed countries, as well as newly industrialized countries. It then examines the shortcomings of the Iranian enterprises, identifies the reasons for such shortcomings, classifies them in two intra and extra-enterprise categories, and ultimately offers policy recommendations for solving them.

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