Experiences of cooperation between selected countries and UNIDO, lessons for Iran

This report sought to explore the fields of interaction between selected countries (Indonesia, Cuba, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, India, Georgia and Tanzania) with UNIDO. To this end, we studied the content of their national programmes and projects, in order to identify the major fields of cooperation between these countries and UNIDO. According to the results of the survey, the following fields were the most relevant:

  • Reducing poverty and gender inequality (underlining empowerment of women);
  • Enhancing the potentials of trade within selected industries, designing industrial policies and guaranteeing industrial development, facilitating industrial data centers, as well as encouraging industrial cooperation and investment, industrial modernization and sustainable entrepreneurship;
  • Environmental considerations and energy sustainability (green industrial development, improving energy productivity);
  • Creating Jobs; and
  • Supporting SMEs.

Finally, we concluded that the programmes mainly have focused on renewable energies, emphasizing compliance with environmental regulations (environmentally sustainable and effective management), industrial development and enhancement of competitiveness.

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