Iranian Economy from the Perspective of International Indicators

This report first provides an overview of the global economy and the position of Iran from the perspective of macroeconomic variables in 2014-2015. Then, in order to identify the factors affecting Iran's economic performance; a number of macro variables of Iran are compared with those of other countries in the world and the region. Also, some international indicators, in particular factors affecting the performance of industrial enterprises have been studied. According to the results of the study, the situation in Iran has been improving in terms of most macroeconomic variables and international indicators; but its overall macroeconomic situation among countries of the world and even the countries of the region is not good enough. In addition, in terms of some indices such as business environment, competitiveness, logistics, the global innovation and economic freedom, Iran's rankings in 2015 were better than in 2014. Major improvements in Iran's performance in the global index in 2015 appear to be due to the improvement of domestic processes, and there seem to be no meaningful achievements in trade-related processes or the international environment, despite the conclusion of Iran nuclear deal with the world powers.

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