Action Plans for Enhancing the Competitiveness of Tourism Industry in line with the Objectives of Resistance Economy

This report aims to provide solutions for the enhancement of the competitiveness of tourism industry in pursuit of economic goals after the sanctions were lifted. Using the concept of resilient economy, resistance can be defined as reducing vulnerability and increasing the flexibility of the national economy against external threats. With such a definition, it can be concluded that the promotion of tourism is a way for achieving the objectives of resistance economy through enhancing both outward-looking characteristic of the economy (through developing tourism infrastructures and strengthening relations with other countries), as well as its endogenous quality (through stimulating domestic demand in domestic tourism and paving the ground for reducing dependence on oil revenues). Therefore, an action plan should be devised to improve the competitiveness of this industry. It is recommended in the report that the action plan include meta-industry environment (planning for cultural preparation for attracting tourism and improving the quality of related services), macroeconomic environment (efforts to achieve relative economic stability), sectoral policies (supporting tourism activities and developing it through the conclusion of bilateral and multilateral agreements) and the tourism industry value chain (equipping supporting industries, preserving tourist attractions, promoting modern tourism and strengthening the relevant infrastructures).

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