Industrial Financing and the Role of Development Banking: Lessons from Experience of BRICS Countries and Expectations from the Bank of Industry and Mine of Iran

This study addresses the role and importance of providing financial resources to industries through banks in general and development banks in particular. The results of the study indicate that although much emphasis has been placed in recent years on the use of financing methods relying on non-bank sources, the share of banking sources in total credits granted in 10 of the most advanced economies in the world is now more than 50%. The results of the study also indicate that development banks play a significant role in providing the necessary financial resources especially for the developmental needs of the economy. Despite the differences between development banks, the common point is that in most cases they are developed and strengthened by the government, and they are assigned anti-cyclical roles in cases of crisis with government support.

The study shows that development banks as theoretically defined in most countries, do not exist in Iran and are at best referred to as specialized banks. In this context, the Bank of Industry and Mine is operating as a specialized bank in the field of industry and mining, and despite in spite of growing facilities, does not meet the financial needs of the sector and needs to be strengthened. Considering the necessity of providing comprehensive support to the developmental needs of the industry and mining sector, it is important to pave the grounds for the formation of development banks which besides meeting the specific needs of the industry and mining sector, will also help the government achieve the macroeconomic goals of the country. In this regard, it is suggested that the government modify its policies in an allocation of resources to specialized banks, in such a way as to achieve development goals. It is also suggested that the government increase the capital of the Industry and Mining Bank and promote the possibilities of financing through other methods, such as the debt market.

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