Risk management strategies for fluctuations in the price of basic metal products in the commodity exchange (a case study of the aluminum industry)

The present report is prepared in three chapters. The first chapter, entitled "Product Introduction", begins with an examination of the aluminum industry, including product introduction, production process, production and consumption coefficients, and product chain. Then the performance of the aluminum industry chain including production, supply, demand, import, export, trading partners are examined and then the energy consumption of the aluminum industry in Iran and its comparison at the regional level, introduction of actors and their performance in supply and demand, The analysis of the challenges in supply and demand, the analysis of the value chain of Iralco (the largest aluminum producer in the Iran) and the confrontation between energy subsidies and costs in the aluminum industry are examined.

In the second chapter, entitled "Commodity Exchange and its functions", the first comparative study of the London Commodity Exchange (LME) including risk management tools, transaction management mechanism and etc. is presented. In the following, Iran Commodity Exchange is introduced with the focus on describing its functions and effective performance requirements and describing the types of derivative contracts.

In the third chapter, entitled "Mechanism, Considerations and Risk Management Tools in Commodity Exchange", the performance complication of commodity exchange at both macro and micro levels is examined and then extraction of risk management requirements and balance of supply and demand in the commodity exchange is described. Also, a comprehensive study has been conducted to extract the factors affecting the success of using derivative tools and to confirm this issue, the questionnaire tools and the required analyzes have been used. Finally, the solutions and policies required to manage the risk of price fluctuations of basic metal products in the commodity exchange have been proposed.

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