Development of Logistics Centers in terms of location selection and government supports (with emphasis on surge in production)

Logistics centers are the key elements of modern logistics systems of countries, which have gained interest in the recent decades. Success and efficiency of logistics centers is dependent on their appropriate location, presence of the required infrastructures, and support from governments. This report discusses the role of logistics centers in facilitating and accelerating the surge in production. In this regard, first the subject of location in logistics centers and the importance of government’s role in development of such centers is discussed. In relation to this, experiences from Turkey, India and China in development of logistics centers are reviewed. Then, the experiences of Iran’s Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in compiling Spatial Development Plan Logistics Centers and Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade in planning for logistics centers in industrial parks are discussed. Finally, the reviewed experiences are analyzed and a number of recommendations are proposed for promoting the role of logistics centers in surge of production in the country.

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